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Few routines are universal in the United States as filling up at the gas station. However, this common practice is inconvenient and unappealing in many ways. The actual process of using a fuel pump is cumbersome and involves interaction with unsanitary surfaces. Fortunately, Green Fueling, Inc. is here to offer an extraordinary solution for autonomous fueling.

Using a robotic pump to fuel cars, our system works in conjunction with the Capless Cap, a cap system that is commonly used in Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler vehicles. If your vehicle does not have a Capless Cap, we can provide a similar solution. Robotic fueling makes filling up easier and cleaner in every way. Simply put, it is the fueling process of the future. Our company is currently looking for foreign and domestic investors to help us bring our patented system to market. If you'd like to request a free consultation to see if our system is right for your location, contact us today.

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Passion is the basis of any outstanding enterprise. Our president, James Hollerback, founded Green Fueling, Inc. based on his passion for automated fueling. Having worked at Signode Packaging Laboratories in Glenview, Illinois, a division of Illinois Tool Works (ITW), for 30 years, James has extensive expertise in robotics and engineering solutions. He's put his many, many years of experience to work developing a new means of automated fueling. This patented system represents an incredible investment opportunity for anyone who wants to change the future of the automotive and fueling industries. To find out more, get in touch with our company today.


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